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Choosing your level of services

C&L Value Advisors, LLC is proud to offer our clients the freedom to choose their own preferred services.    To choose the services you would like to receive, take the following steps: Download our Menu of Services (PDF format)
  In our initial meeting we review the following menu of services.  (Download)
  Review each service offered, and mark an "x" in the "Service Desired" column.
    In the column under "Level of Interest" rank each service by circling 1-3 (1=low, and 3=high)
  Together we will evaluate your needs, prioritize them and start working with you. 
What is your investment for the Services?
We have two payment options for our services:

Fixed Price Agreement (FPA).  All services agreed upon are billed to you under a fixed monthly amount.

Fee for service (or hourly billing). We will bill you for services provided as the work progresses at our then current hourly rates.  When possible we will give you estimates of fees for specific services.

Our goal is to save you money with effective tax planning and create value for you that far exceed your investment with us.  That's why we stand behind what we do with a guarantee like no other local CPA firm offers. 


Call us today to discuss your tax and financial needs.  (813) 286-7373


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