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August 2010

Employee vs. Independent Contractor

What Is The Difference?


Dear Heidi,


At some point in time, you may have questioned, "Is this person considered an Employee or an Independent Contractor?"


That is a good question!  Below are just a few examples that explain the differences.  For a complete list of expamples or for more information, please contact your Client Service Manager at C&L Value Advisors, LLC by calling (813) 286-7373.




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The Difference


An Employee receives instructions about when, where and how the work is to be performed.


An Independent Contractor does the job his or her own way with few, if any, instructions as to the details or methods of the work.





The Difference


Employees are often trained by a more experienced employee or are required to attend meetings or take training courses.


An Independent Contractor uses his or her own methods and thus need not receive training from the purchaser of those services.


Services, Hiring and Paying




The Difference

 An Employee is typically paid by the employer in regular amounts at stated intervals, such as by the hour or week. 


An Employee's services must be rendered personally; Employees do not hire their own substitutes or delegate work to work.


An Independent Contractor is normally paid by the job--either a negotiated flat rate or upon submission of a bid.


A true Independent Contractor is able to assign another to do the job in his or her place and need not perform services personally. 


An Employee may quit work at any time without liability on the Employee's part, but an Independent Contractor is bound by contract and job completion. 


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